We have recently launched Irelands largest online shopping centre, Shopfront is ready to be populated with Irish SME's. Our aim with shopfront is to drive traffic to Irish eBusinesses and convert that new traffic into sales. We promote through various media like Google Adwords, Social Media Promotion, Flyers etc.

Irish Consumers:

People living in Ireland spend €8.5 million a day online on goods from retailers in other countries. New figures show that many Irish retailers and SMEs are missing out on the increasing amounts of money people spend online.

The online retail market is set to grow to €21 billion by 2017, there has never been a more crucial time for Irish retailers and SME's to act and win back market share from international online retailers that are dominating this space.Michael McCormack, eMark

Shopfront Features:

  • There are 12 main categories containing 12 sub-categories. Each sub-category has the capacity for 12 listings.
  • The total capacity of is limitless and stands at 1,728 Irish SME's currently.
  • On the homepage of there are 9 sub-categories advertised. will change the layout of the homepage to co-incide with promotions that are running and we will change the homepage every two weeks.
  • From the home page of, a consumer will be able to find your shop in just three clicks.
  • We have set up a Blog on which we will be updating weekly with articles from digital news specialists.

Consumers Cannot Find The Store Online?

If a merchant has an online shoe store, the hope is search engines like Google will drive traffic to the site. A Google search on "online shoe store" produces nearly 400,000 results. The likelihood a new online store will bubble to the top of search results are vanishingly small. That's where comes in.

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