We have Tested a Model - for the last 2 years we have had a BETA version of an Online Shopping Market - "Dotcomcentre.ie" which is a virtual Business Platform where over 1500 Irish SME businesses are linked to a central Web Based Shop Front.

We have also ran some Sales & Marketing Initiatives to test how the response rate front visitors to the site.

The Result

It Works! With Some Business receiving over 500 to 600 hits Extra!! to their site over a 2 week period! And these were only small sales tests that we ran, which provided a 50% uplift sales conversion rate!

Which meant that every 2 visits through the dotcomcentre website to the Targeted Business Websites resulted in a Sale for our test websites.

Industry Feedback

The Business Market is telling us that Irish SME's want a central Online Market Place where they can trade B2C and B2B, also a place to promote their visibility and credibility.

So we have Re-Branded Our Test Site Dotcomcentre to "Shopfront.ie"

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